Picture of myself


iOS Engineer
@ Nomasystems
from Spain

Work experience

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iOS Engineer – Since October 2020

Working on an e-commerce app for one of the largest clothing retailers in the world, downloaded by millions of people and used by thousands every day.

Swift + Objective-C

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Web Developer Intern – July to August 2019

Created a PHP library and integrated it into an internal GraphQL API, authenticating requests with OAuth 2.0.

PHP + GraphQL + OAuth 2.0


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University of Santiago de Compostela

B.Sc. in Computer Science – September 2016 to July 2020

My senior thesis explored the concept of knowledge transfer between neural networks to address the problems involved in recognizing certain types of indoor scenes.

C + Java + Python + Unix + SQL + HTML + CSS + JS

Awards and achievements

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Apple WWDC Scholarships

2018 & 2019

Was awarded scholarships by Apple in both 2018 and 2019 to attend those years’ Worldwide Developers Conference events at San Jose, CA. Check out my submissions on GitHub

Personal projects

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iOS App – Since May 2022

Lightweight Hacker News client for iPhone built from the ground up using SwiftUI and Combine, with features such as pagination, Dark Mode and more. It's my first app on the App Store too!

SwiftUI + Combine

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Movies And TV Shows

iOS App – Since March 2023

Opinionated movie and TV show tracking app for iPhone built using UIKit, SwiftUI and Core Data, following the MVVM and Coordinator architectural patterns.

UIKit + SwiftUI + Core Data

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iOS App – May 2022

App that predicts the breed of a cat in a photograph, leveraging Apple machine learning technologies such as the Create ML app and the Vision framework.

SwiftUI + Combine + Create ML + Vision

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Website – Since August 2017

Website for meeting locals, joining travelers in their trips and discovering nearby events, soon to be a multiplatform app. Developed together with a friend.



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GDG Pontevedra

Co-organizer – Since March 2018

I'm part of the Google Developers Group at Pontevedra, Spain, which holds programming-related events. The group helped organize events such as the 2018 and 2019 editions of GDG DevFest Galicia, with around 150 attendees each.

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Volunteer Translator – December 2016 to July 2018

Helped translate Discord into Spanish and Galician through the Crowdin platform.